Beacon of HOPE Needs Your Assistance

The SAS program (Students Achieving Success) is designed to keep kids in school. Dropouts dramatically affect our country’s economy. Twenty years ago we led the world in college graduates. Monday it was announced that we had dropped to 12th. And nationwide over 30% of students fail to finish high school!

In its initial year SAS had five Pine Island Elementary School students partake in its after school program. SAS is now on course for 35 students. 

SAS is a mentoring and an enrichment program exposing the children to programs that are not found in the formal school environment.

The help? Mentors and enrichment facilitators are vital to the success of the program. A mentor will share time and assist in guiding a few students. There is no specific education required to be a mentor. Successful mentors come from a variety of backgrounds. The rewards, however, of working with the kids during the school year, are phenomenal.

Also needed are enrichment facilitators. These are people to share experiences and/or hobbies occasionally. Anything you can offer will be used and appreciated.

If you could spare a few hours a week on Pine Island, please call Carlyn Herring, 282-5610; Elsie Stearns, 283-1480, or Buzzy Phillips, 283-8977 for more information.