The County Rewrites The Pine Island Land Plan

All Pine Islanders are reminded of the Pine Island Planning Committee meeting tomorrow night, at 7 p.m. at the Fishers of Men Lutheran Church. It's an important meeting and please try to attend.

We have a problem with the county not accepting input from our Committee. The below emails are long and boring, but tell the tale.To all Pine Islanders:

The County’s rewrite of the Pine Island Land is coming up for a vote and the county staff has still not accepted our required changes. To get these changes, we need Pine Islanders to attend the following meetings and make your voices heard.

The Pine Island Land Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 12/9/15 at 7 p.m. at the Fishers of Men Lutheran Church. At that meeting, we will discuss and make official our required changes to the Pine Island Land Plan and the implementing Land Development Code. We will also hear reports from any subcommittee that wishes to do so and discuss and approve the new Pine Island Flag.

The meeting of the Local Planning Agency on Monday 12/14/19 at 8:30 a.m. in the Commission Chambers at the County Courthouse. The LPA will advise the County Commissioners as to whether to accept the rewrite and with what changes. The vote will probably be 4 to 3 either for or against our proposed changes (something we will thoroughly discuss and prepare for at the 12/9/15 meeting).

We will of course also have to attend the county commissioner meetings when they vote for or against the rewrite (and with what changes). Expect four meetings starting on 6 January and extending until at least March.

The county staff and contractors did a good job of the rewrite, but they eliminated the open space requirements—which is a critical element of the Pine Island Plan. We have to get those provisions restored, and islander attendance at the above meetings is the only way that is going to occur.

Phil Buchanan