Free Music Classes Presented By Strange Arrangement/The Brother Van Kirk

Matlacha/Pine Island, Florida (March 16, 2015)
Currently free to public 6 week Program :
“Monday Music” 6pm - 7pm
March 23rd at 6:00pm to April 27th at 7:00pm
Pine Island Community Church Thrift Mall
5320 Doug Taylor Circle,, Saint James City, Florida 33956
Phone: 941-855-0265 Warren

A simple Discussion of Fundamental Principles of Music Theory

For All Ages
• Demo / Explanation / ?’s / Explore
• Learn / Apply / Create Material
• Confidence / Listening

Musical Games
• Repeat After Me
• Find a Note
• Name a Note

Our Goal is to provide the community with an opportunity to explore basic musical understanding and enjoyment.
Provide Multiple teachers with diverse musical skills and backgrounds to provide insight to their unique ways of approaching music .
Engage in Community and meet new people.

This program grows with community donations and your support … We thank you

Some things we may review
Notes / Noise , Vibration , Scales
Chords / Position , Progression
Tempo / ½ , X2 , X?
Beat / Pulse , Accents , Strong Beat
Rhythm , Strum , Attack , Economy of Motion
Decision making Listening and Anticipation

Contact Warren For Sponsorship , Donations & Info Phone: 941-855-0265