"In the Pink"

Pine Island Artist; Lovegrove creates art to benefit National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and partners with "Partners for Breast Cancer Care" of Lee County

Each year in October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Leoma Lovegrove surrounds herself with hot pink paint. This year, at her new location in Sanibel  Lovegrove will create a Pink Rock Garden to memorialize those who have succumbed to breast cancer. She will also stock her signature coconut postcards, painted with slogans of encouragement to be mailed to those who are undergoing treatment or slogans (I.e. nuts to cancer) of congratulations for survivors of breast cancer. The coconuts are free to anyone currently undergoing treatment. Otherwise, they sell for ten dollars with proceeds going to the cause.
Other items for sale are  pink wall signs made from recycled materials, and sets of note cards that include artwork contributed by past visitors to the gallery. In addition to all that....she has created miniatures canvases with a number on them and swarorski crystals to represent the number of survival years. A creative way to celebrate the survivor's success of being cancer free. She has also painted a pink chair with the lyrics "Pink" from Aerosmith. The chair has been posted on Lovegrove's face book and has a price tag of $20,000 . 100% will go to PFBCC because they are so low on funds. Lovegrove is hoping for a celebrity to purchase the chair.

All proceeds benefit PARTNERS FOR BREAST CANCER CARE of Lee Co. They are really hurting for money and a wonderful organization.
You can contact Janet Darnell at 454-8583 and their website is

Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens
(opening October 9th)
1101 Periwinkle Way
Sanibel, FL  33957

mobile 239-822-4109