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  • Temp Extremes on Earth's surface on 7-20-2016!
    These ARE "everyday" & NOT Record Temps!
    Iraq: 126deg. F.
    Antartica: -91deg. F.
    217 deg. spread
  • Sea Levels in Pineland have NOT gone up 1 inch in
    50 years - But
    the Atlantic Ocean,
    150 miles away
    has risen 3 feet?
  • The Dollar's Value IS Tanking!
    '92-'05 ~ $400 oz.
    2011 - $1800+ oz.
    The Gold Story
  • Money Isn't Counted in Venezuela, It Is Weighed:
    10-31-16; Wall
    Street Journal,
    1 Doz. eggs, $150

In 1757, Lomonosov fathered the theory crude oil originates from biological material. The Story

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17,000+ children and teens are treated for lawn mower injuries each year. The Story

Environmental Groups File Lawsuit to Replace Ceitus Barrier on North Cape Coral Spreader

The following parties filed a lawsuit on (December 27, 2013) enforce a Settlement Agreement and Consent Order requiring the City of Cape Coral to replace the Ceitus Barrier, to include either a boat lift or boat lock.

• Southwest Florida Watershed Council, Inc.
• Caloosahatchee River Citizens Association, Inc. (Riverwatch),
• Responsible Growth Management Coalition, Inc.,
• Calusa Land Trust And Nature Preserve Of Pine Island, Inc.,
• Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation, Inc.,
• Greater Pine Island Civic Association, Inc.,
• Phil Buchanan, as an individual citizen

The Ceitus Barrier historically separated storm-water from flowing directly into Matlacha Pass until it was removed by Cape Coral. Without it storm-water now dumps directly into one location - Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve, which is an Outstanding Florida Water-body.

The lawsuit was filed against the City of Cape Coral and the Department of Environmental Protection earlier today.

The lawsuit will enforce the terms of a Consent Order and Settlement Agreement signed in 2008 by Cape Coral and DEP, as well as Lee County and nine non-profit environmental organizations and individual residents. The Settlement Agreement resolved a previous legal dispute over Cape Coral’s refusal to replace the Barrier. The Settlement Agreement required that Cape Coral seek permits to restore or replace the Barrier. DEP was to approve the permits within 30 days so the Barrier would be in place before the rainy season in 2010. However, Cape Coral did not obtain or diligently pursue the permits as agreed, and over two years have passed. DEP has thus far done nothing to enforce the Consent Order or the Settlement Agreement.

The Lee County Board of County Commissioners has previously voted 5 to 0 to bring a lawsuit to enforce the Settlement Agreement and Lee County has collected data and engaged in mediated settlement talks with the City of Cape Coral, but has reached no final resolution of the matter.

The removal of the Ceitus Barrier changed what was a storm-water spreader system into a storm-water drainage ditch that dumps directly into Matlacha Pass, a designated “Outstanding Florida Water.” The excess poor quality fresh water and situation during the rainy season has a disastrous affect on the survival of salt water dependent marine life, including sea grasses, oysters, tunicates, sponges, and finfish eggs and hatching's.

Rerouting of storm-water from their historic flows through the wetlands directly into Matlacha Pass also (1) also deprives wetlands and fish nurseries of essential fresh water, and (2) prevents wetlands from filtering the water before it reaches Matlacha Pass.

Phil Buchanan, one of the Petitioners, says:

“The coffee-colored, polluted water now flowing through our estuary is not all coming down the Caloosahatchee—some of it is draining through North Cape Coral and down into what presently constitutes the North Cape Storm-water Drainage Ditch on into Matlacha Pass.”

“This violates the terms of our Settlement Agreement as well as the DEP Consent Order, and it’s time we enforce these legally binding agreements--we should not have to insist that our governments obey their own laws. We can no longer tolerate governmental agencies that do nothing when it comes to our environment.”

Phil Buchanan
email: coolcherokee@comcast.net

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