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Hi everyone and welcome to sunny southwest Florida. I’m Mel the Guide at Gulf Coast kayak in a little town called Matlacha. I would first like to thank all the readers and kayakers who have been out with us throughout the summer. As you well know it was a hot one. We did get out early and beat the heat and saw a lot of birds, dolphin, turtles, stingrays, and a lot of jumping mullet. The fishing was good even with us having a ban on snook. We saw some nice reds, trout, and snapper caught.

Now that the extreme heat has left us it’s time to get on the water full time and do some major kayaking. I ride a motorcycle to work every day about 30 miles there and 30 back and the mornings have been nice and crisp. The trip in the afternoon back home is really nice as it starts to warm up by mid day.

I am fortunate enough to have my chose of 30 kayaks to take out on my tours from the fleet. However, like any kayaker I have my own personal ones. Well I really have five and I just got my sixth. My wife always asks HOW MANY KAYAKS DOES ONE MAN NEED?? I then ask her the same thing about her earrings and shoes.

Nevertheless, really how many kayaks do you need? Well it depends what you are going to do with them. Let me explain. If I am going to the beach I need a kayak that will be light and good in the surf. If I am going in the mangroves I need a short one so I can move around in the tight tunnels and creeks. If I am paddling out to cabbage key for the day I need a long one with a rudder and a skirt, and room for some storage. If I need a lot of storage, like a tent and sleeping bag, I need a big sit on top barge, or a two person one. In addition, let’s not forget my fishing kayak with all the rod holders and room for my tackle box. Then I need a work kayak, one that I can do two or three tours a day in and still feel my butt.

So that all said let me tell you about my NEW KAYAK. Which I just got over at our good friends at Florida Paddle Sports in Cape Coral, next to the Publics on Burnt Store Rd. Jory the owner is a real nice guy, and is up on all the new kayaks and stand up paddle boards. Then we have Josh Harvel who is managing the place and knows more about fishing than I could ever hope to know. He has trophies from when he was just a kid, and still is out there wining more with his fishing team. These are the guys I turn to when I want something new, or want to find out what’s hot.

Well I was in the store a few times in the month and fell in love with this one SHINNY RED AND WHITE KAYAK It is the Hurricane Phoenix 14 ft or 140 sit on top with a rudder. It is made of Trylon, a hard material that holds its shape and shines and don’t fade in the Florida sun with a little care. She is long and sleek and easy on the eye. Every were I take her heads turn and they ask, what kind of kayak is that. It comes with two large hatches bow and stern, for dry bags, and a few handles to make it easy to carry. She only weighs about 54 lbs. The first thing you notice about this baby is it has a unique seat arrangement when it comes to the scupper holes. It’s somewhat hard to explain, but I will do my best. Most sit on tops have these holes in them that is supposed to let the water out should you take on a wave or dump it in the surf. In addition, most work well, the only problem I find is you are sitting in water most of the day. Now this may be because I am about 280 lbs. {dam got to do something about that} and water rushes in when I sit in the kayak. This yak is rated for 350 lbs.

That said now comes this new design were they actually have the molded seat raised up about two inches and out of the water. Moreover, the scupper holes are a venturi type; they have this network of tubes built in to the kayak to take the water out of the cockpit and the back deck. The tubes that are inside the kayak are linked together and funnel water out the bottom of the boat.

It comes with all the hardware to put in a good seat. I chose the new Skwosh seat with the high back and jell bottom. This is one fine seat; it has a few pockets for your water bottle and some room for a small tackle box with a few lures, or Boca grip. I had Josh through on a few flush mount Scotty rod holders behind the seat and one in the center of the deck. They came out great and Josh did a nice job of putting them in. So now I have this fine looking kayak and have not had the time to take her out. You see when you are a kayak tour guide everyone goes out when the weather is nice and sunny.

Well the weather is rainy and now I am taking her out. I went to the Port Charlotte Park on Harbor blvd. they have a nice kayak launch site and it is only a few miles from my home. I unloaded the yak and wouldn’t you know it the sky is starting to get dark. I park the truck and get my parking ticket, how long will I need it for?? Well I don’t let the weather dictate my day. Therefore, I get it for three hrs. I walk back to the launch site and adjust the rudder for my legs, since this is the first time out. I put on the seat and adjust that. I lash down my back up paddle and stow my poncho should I need it. I put on my sunglasses {hoping I will need them} and cast off. At first I thought it was a little tippy, till I got all my nesting done.

When I got everything re-adjusted on the water it was like a lounge chair, the high back of the seat felt good. The rudder pedals were rubbing against my legs, as I am used to spreading them out in my native watercraft. I re adjust the peg so as to have my leg have a slight bend to them and it moved the leg up over the pegs. Much better. Now as I said I love the scuppers, and as I thought would happen the lower floor got about a 1/8 inch of water on it. However, no problem, the raised seat kept me dry. Well dry till the lighting and heavy rain came. Yep the sky opened up and it poured, I was glad I had bought my poncho and was wearing my California lifeguard hat made of raffia. The hat kept the heavy rain out of my eyes and off the back of my neck. The kayak got a good work out as she just seemed to glide across the top of the water with less drag than most of the kayaks I have paddled. I liked it so much that I over stayed my three hrs parking stub.

I think this is a great boat for quiet lakes, and rivers. On the other hand, you could use it for day tripping as I did on the coastal waters, and Back Bay. It may even be good for a nice paddle to cabbage key on a good day. I think if I was to do the trip though that I might add some thigh straps to keep me locked in should the waves kick up. That all said I love this yak, its sleek, fast, light, and I see me catching many fish from her. Well that may be what we write about next time. Thanks again for paddling with Mel the Guide, and get out on the water. Mel the Guide Gulf Coast kayak 941 661 8229 for tours and rentals

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