18 Scholarships Awarded By Kiwanis Club

The Kiwanis Club of Greater Pine Island is very pleased to announce they have awarded 18 local, Outstanding and Academics Scholarships for 2010.    These students were all first time applicants and the Kiwanis Club was very happy to award each of them $900 to help pay for their education.

Here are the young adults Kiwanis rewarded scholarships to;
Danna Bernal, Mariner High; Daniel Carballo, Cape High; Rachel Cicoria, North High; Megan Coite, North High; Joshua Cox, Mariner High; Caleb Davis, Ida Baker High; Thomas DeSantis, Ida Baker High; Blanca Diaz, Mariner High; Stormie Futch, North High; Jacob Holzapfel, Mariner High; Zachary Kibbe, Mariner High; Alysa Memoli, North High; Stephanie Nevadinsky, North High; Brandi Schulte, Mariner High; Samuel Williams, Mariner High; Kaitlin Smith from Mariner High was awarded the Tom Grabowski  Business Scholarship, Lucas Whitaker from Mariner High was awarded the Skip Schwartz Science Scholarship and Miranda Gagliardi from Cape Coral was awarded the El-Don Literature Scholarship.

It is our greatest pleasure to award scholarships to kids in our community.

If you would like to help or want more information send an email to info@PineIslandKiwanis.com.

By: Scarlett Player