Big Fin Shark Tournament “Pine Island Pulling An All Nighter”

The organizers of the Bobby Holloway Memorial Fund are now planning the 4th Annual Pine Island Big Fin Shark Tournament.

Sponsored by the Bobby Holloway Memorial Organization.

“A portion of the proceeds to be used to provide shade cover for the playground at Phillips Park” said Ernestine.

Pineland Marina will be hosting this event
13921 Waterfront Drive, Pineland, Florida 33945

Captain's meeting with BBQ dinner & Mandatory check-in
Saturday, July 9th @ 4:00 PM.

Weigh in starts at 7:00 PM continuing thru the night.
Ends at 8:00 AM with breakfast.

Cash Prizes:
First Place: $1000.00 + 90 Day Ramp Pass
Second Place: $500.00 + 60 Day Ramp Pass
Third Place: $250.00 + 30 Day Ramp Pass

Entry Fee: $50.00 for each and every angler whether fishing from boat or shore.
Register by July 1st to insure correct Tee-Shirt size.
Entry Fee Includes: Tee Shirt, Ramp Pass, One Parking Pass, Captains’ Dinner and Breakfast.

When an angler hooks a shark, they call in. Our team will let them know what the biggest shark is so far. If their shark is smaller they catch and release. Shark must be at least 5ft. Shark meat is donated to the Salvation Army. Last year only 3 sharks were killed.

For more information Call:
Leland 239.633.6484
Derrick 239.229.2920
Ernestine 239.281.8225
or email for more information at application and flyers at