Comcast Outage in the Pine Island Area 12-24-21

Most of Pine Island and much of Matlacha lost internet access starting around 11:30 am to around 5pm on Fri., 12-24-21. Comcast indicated that internet was disrupted in those area, however, suggested that it would only be a short outage. 

While the internet and local Wi-Fi is disrupted it also interrupts phone service for those customers who use internet phones during the same period of time. Very few customers use hard land line phones anymore. Furthermore, although the internet came back at around 5pm, Comcast television which requires the signal TV box to receive those signals was not back online until after 9pm. Both the TV signals and the internet signals come over the same wire, however, they populate different areas of the wire itself causing that effect.

Cell phones are the option during these outages, However, many cell phones uses local Wi-Fi connections to connect calls. For those who have antennas connected to their flat screens continue to receive broadcast signals of most of the popular TV channels in the digital format.