Commissioners Approve Expansion of Eastbound Right-turn Lane

Fort Myers, FL, June 18, 2024 – The Lee Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday voted to approve an agreement with a developer who will donate right-of-way along Pine Island Road to allow construction to extend the eastbound right-turn lane onto southbound Veterans Parkway for motorists exiting the Matlacha-Pine Island area.

Eastbound traffic congestion on Pine Island Road often queues beyond the entrance to the existing 210-foot right turn lane. The approximately 350-foot turn lane extension will aid motorists who wish to travel south on Veterans Parkway by moving the entrance to the right turn lane a total of 560-feet away from the intersection.

The developer, Pine Island West Owner, LLC, will donate the right-of-way needed for the turn lane extension and has agreed to construct the turn lane when it completes its site access-related improvements as required by Development Order. The county will be responsible for the cost of the turn lane extension, which is estimated at about $329,000.

The timing of the work will depend on the developer but is expected to take place late this year.

Public-private cooperation agreements for the construction of county roads are permitted under Florida Statutes Section 336.71 provided the project:

  • Is in the best interest of the public;
  • Would only use county funds for portions of the project that will be part of the county road system;
  • Would have adequate safeguards to ensure that additional costs or unreasonable service disruptions are not realized by the traveling public and citizens of the state;
  • Upon completion, would be a part of the county road system owned by the county; and
  • Would result in a financial benefit to the public by completing the subject project at a cost to the public significantly lower than if the project were constructed by the county using the normal procurement process.