Commissioners Preference is Alternative 6 in the Redistricting

On behalf of the Greater Pine Island Civic Association, thanks to all Pine Islanders that sent emails and attended the commissioner redistricting hearing in Fort Myers today. Your efforts paid off big.

All five commissioners expressed their preference for the new Alternative 6, which keeps Matlacha Isles in Greater Pine Island and keeps Pine Island and the outer islands in the same district. It was everything we had asked for.

Remarkably, not only all five commissioners, but also the county staff and every single member of the public that testified also preferred the new Alternative 6.

The issue appears to be over, and probably is, but a final proforma commissioner vote on 11 October is still legally required.

I should note that our own Commissioner Manning supported us from the beginning and carried considerable weight in the county arriving at the correct conclusion.

Again, thanks. Democracy is alive and well on Pine Island.

Phil Buchanan