Dollar General Sign Controversy Appears to be Resolved

"Yesterday afternoon, Dollar General announced that they would take down the big yellow (and very ugly) signs on their building under construction at Pine Island Center. They promised they will be replaced with smaller, less intrusive, and more attractive signs. They will also plant live oak trees along Stringfellow in the front of the building and extensively landscape the remaining property to help the building blend in with the community.

A Dollar General representative told me earlier today that Dollar General very much wants to be welcomed on Pine Island and become a part of the community. They have spent a lot of time and money making this new store a company showcase facility which they plan to feature on the cover of their upcoming annual report. If they do all these things, their building will be in compliance with the Pine Island Plan.

Our thanks not only to Dollar General management but also to Tom Sawtell and Mary Gibbs of Lee County Community Development--they did a great job of responding to our concerns".

Phil Buchanan
Greater Pine island Civic Association