End Matlacha Bottleneck Now

Now is the time to begin engineering extra lanes and/or expedited traffic through Matlacha to end the endless hours of backed-up traffic which endangers Pine Islanders lives and wastes thousands of hours of valuable important appointments, reduce actual fire and rescue costs, (five stations for 12,000 Pine Island residents) contractors increased costs, and burns valuable time and energy.

The state could add extra fill, eminent domain where necessary (most cost effective at present) and easily add an extra lane on the two smaller bridges. It wouldn't require an Einstein to engineer the modifications. After all, the main thru-way is all fill material anyway.

At least a third turning lane would be easy and would be in keeping with the added lanes that will eventually be coming into Matlacha from the east. . .a no-brainer despite objections from no-growthers.. .growth will be coming now faster than ever.