Fla DOT Matlacha Project CR 78

(Quoting Fla DOT:) Due to the catastrophic damage caused by Hurricane Ian, FDOT is committed to improving quality of life for Pine Island property owners and the community. An executive order from Governor DeSantis paved the way for urgent planning and design for permanent Pine Island Road Causeway and Bridge repairs. More information will be released as the planning process evolves. 

This project is a design build permanent reconstruction of the Pine Island Causeway and Little Pine Island Bridge approaches in Lee County.  This project is being procured as an emergency contract pursuant to the State of Florida Governor’s Executive Order No. 22-218, as amended by Executive Order No. 22-219. 

The limits of the Project are CR 78 (Pine Island Road) from west of Little Pine Island Bridge (Bridge No. 120111) to west of Shoreview Drive. Roadway segments within the Project limits are owned, operated, and maintained by Lee County.  

Goals of the project:

  • Develop design and deliver phases of construction to provide for a permanent roadway, meeting the applicable standards within Lee County right-of-way;
  • Resiliency options for potential inclusion in permanent construction;
  • Proactively communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with Project stakeholders and the public;
  • Minimize impacts to the natural and built environments;
  • Complete NEPA and related environmental documentation prior to construction;
  • Complete permitting required for construction;
  • Restore access to private property;
  • Ensure that all NEPA commitments are met;
  • Minimize disruption to traffic flow during construction;
  • Minimize impacts to and endeavor to avoid utilities and coordinate Utility/Agency Owner’s (UAO) utility relocation schedules and plans;
  • Align phased Project delivery and earned value with available funding and environmental commitments;
  • Use innovation, design optimization accelerated construction techniques and sharing of risk to expedite project completion.

Public Involvement: We have created a project hotline, email, website, and dedicated community outreach team to serve you throughout this process.  Stakeholders are an integral part of the design process.  When design plans are completed, a public meeting will be scheduled so the Community can review and provide public comment.

Hotline: (239)-214-3364
Email: PineIslandInfo@qcausa.com
Website: https://www.swflroads.com/project/451937-2

Project stakeholders:

  • Lee County
  • Property Owners
  • Utility Agencies and Owners - see Reference Documents for known utilities in area
  • Lee County School District
  • Businesses, Business Organizations, and Hotels in adjacent areas
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Fire, Law Enforcement, and Emergency services
  • General Traveling Public
  • Others

NOTE:  Since Hurricane Ian, the Shared Use Feasibility Study project team is re-evaluating next steps.
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