Open Letter to Sue B.

3/30/20. . . people coming from all over. I’m hoping they aren’t coming from other places carrying this virus! Can you tell me if there are any cases of the virus in Pine Island right now? Thank you so much for your time. Sue B

Open Letter to Sue B.

Benjamin Disraeli, a 19th century politician is generally credited with saying “there is the damn lie and then there is statistics.” Which means politicians can tell any lie simply by cherry-picking statistical numbers. . .and they do!

There is significant politics in the gathering these virus numbers. For instance, how many died from the virus that didn’t have other underlying pre-existing health problems . . . probably very few. Then how many died primarily from the pre-existing health problems, but just happened to have the virus, etc.

So be very skeptical, particularly, if the majority of the news outlets are all repeating the same “news.” Always check the ones that report something different. You will probably get closer to the facts. By the way, this has always been true.

As of today the Fla. DOH reports 719 cases in Lee County, 155 hospitalizations, 25 deaths, 20 new cases a day and seems to be on a down slope. There seems to be some cases in Matlacha and one or two on Pine Island proper. The local hospitals are comparatively empty when they were 80% occupied with other necessary procedures.

We actually don’t think these flu numbers are much different than an active flu season and “statistics” seem to support this. But we can’t verify any of it.

The country has received immeasurable (and maybe permanent) damage, the kind of damage any enemy couldn’t even dream to inflict. Anyone or party encouraging further damage or to attempts destroy or “ameliorate” any of the amendments to the Constitution should be severely punished. Even the classic Greeks 2500 years ago (the previous democratic experiment) knew this was essential to preserve a representative democracy. People will die one way or the other.

The President’s instincts are from actual work experience and not some worn-out academic theory. These instincts to get country back to work quickly should be heeded. Publisher.