Parties Acknowledge Closing on the Woodstock Airport Sale

A Lee County Mosquito Control District Spokesman and the owners of the Woodstock Airport property acknowledge that the closing and transfer of ownership took place on or before Dec., 15th as put forth in the original contract for sale.

A complaint was filed on 12/13/2018 in Lee County Circuit Court; "Plaintiffs William S. Peratino, Jamie M. Saunders, and Deborah R. Memoli sue Defendants Woodstock Land Development Corporation (formerly known as Crystal River Corporation), Frank Valcarcel, Ila Jean Valcarcel, Joseph R. Gross, Elizabeth S. Gross, and Lee County Mosquito Control District, and allege:"

#28 in the complaint, "Plaintiffs contend they have easement rights to use the streets depicted on the Gulf Shores Estates subdivision map, and they and their predecessors in title have continuously and regularly exercised their easement rights to use the streets, and Defendants are blocking Plaintiffs’ rightful use of the streets."

#29 in the complaint, "Plaintiffs, through their attorney, served written demand on Defendants to remove the gates and “No Trespassing” signs blocking access to the streets; however, Defendants refused to comply."

#30 in the complaint, "Plaintiffs are in doubt about their rights under the Gulf Shores Estates subdivision map and recorded street dedications."

Historically, easement rights are not automatically unlimited and do not automatically apply to the general public. Property owners with legitimate claims may find some limits to those claims depending on the nature of the property and necessity and frequency of the access. If the situation is not contentious or acrimonious, these issues are simply resolved by parties communicating and scheduling access times and when otherwise convenient to both parties. In this case, the main consideration being the safety of the aircraft, pilots and staff of the already established airport.

The previous Complaint by the plaintiffs on May 24th, 2018 was dismissed by the Court with prejudice.

There have been fundraising sites set up by opponents of the airport to pay for legal fees and costs associated with opposing the sale of the already adjudicated and affirmed airport.