Pine Island Chamber of Commerce Administrator Resigns

MangoMania Not Being Held in 2020.

Jennifer Jennings, Director of the The Greater Pine Island Chamber handed in her resignation effective 6-2-20. Jennings was director for ten years and also chaired the event MangoMania.

MangoMania which would normally be scheduled for the end of July has not been promoted and will not be held for 2020, ostensibly due to the wuhan virus.

After the previous Chamber administration ran out of money in 1996, and in response to the option to sell the building, the Chamber held a yard sale then decided to try having the event they named MangoMania. The idea was conjured up by Jerry Myers, having just been elected President of the Chamber and who thought that taking advantage of the area's mangoes might raise money to keep the building open and it did.

After outgrowing several Pine Island areas, MangoMania was moved to the German-American Social Club property. At its most successful, the event would consistently raise about $75,000, which did not include grant money.

In 2012 the original Chamber building burnt down. The newly constructed building was completed and open for business in 10-13-2014

Now, again, the acting Chamber Board considers selling the building. The Chamber is a 501c3, the property is prime and it is up for question whether the members will have a say in the decision and where the proceeds might go in the event of a sale.