Pine Island Residents Be On Alert

On March 3rd St. James City residents, Phil Buchanan saw a work crew going up and down Galt Island Avenue offering to prune trees for a reasonable price.   They have fake occupational licenses and insurance papers and even the phone number they give out is fake. The ringleader is a local man and is accompanied by two young guys (one white and one black). The ringleader occupies you while the young guys cruise your property looking for things to steal.

The ringleader is a 33 year old (white, 5'7", 150 lbs) and he has a rap sheet four pages long that covers everything form home solicitation without a license to auto theft to cocaine sales, fraud, false identification, burglary, battery, exploiting the elderly/disabled. Although charged three times for driving without a license, yesterday he was driving an old black Jeep Cherokee. This person has been imprisoned many times but is currently on release on a surety bond. Buchanan said, “I talked with these guys and am of the firm opinion that they are very dangerous”.

If you see these people in your neighborhood, do not answer the door. Instead, immediately call 911.