Pine Islander's Find Their U.S. $ worth 30% Less

Pine Islander's received a shock when Lee County Electric Co-op sent out electricity bills reflecting, on average a 30% increase, seemingly overnight. Of course, a huge shock and burden on those with fixed incomes, but an equally unpleasant surprise for the 60% Pine Islanders who didn't vote for this. Two hundred dollar bills became $300, $300 became $450, etc.

LeeCo-op can't be blamed for this since their increased costs necessarily get passed on to their customer. Whether, you drive a electric car or not, electric cars require electricity too and windmills and solar can't do it consistently enough to support a normal economy. . .more electric cars. . .more electric anything’s need more electricity. The electricity companies will bill for the "availability" of electricity whether you use or not. They have to be there even if you don't need them.

Many people who could afford to install solar systems have "discovered" that they continued to get electric bills even though they weren't using any electricity. These bills reflected "Ready To Serve" and other administrative charges, with the actual electric usage becoming a smaller and smaller amount.

At four of five dollars a gallon, an electricity generator will run you 2 or 3 thousand dollars a month in gasoline until it destroys itself in a relatively short period of time.

You keep cutting back on your electricity usage, bumping into walls and tripping over the dog but your bill keeps getting larger.

If you substitute the words "climate change" for what it really is, i.e., "weather', how many people would send good money into any program to "change the weather? It hasn't been done, it can't be done. It's ivory-tower foolishness. It's a function of a population that has become too comfortable. . .too detached, too preoccupied. . .too ignorant. That's why they hardly talk about pollution, they don't really care. It also leaves a country vulnerable to an outside world that wants to take advantage.

It doesn't matter whether you call it "inflation" or the devaluation of the dollar the result is the same. They pay for borrowed money in dollars that are worth less than the dollars they borrowed. History tells us that "everything" a corrupt government tries to do to "solve" the problem will make it worse. . .so get ready. And there is a plethora of history about "inflation" and its results, hunger, civil wars, etc., just too many ignorant politicians and voters.

Will these bills go back down if at some point in the future someone comes to their senses, probably not because it's easy to start lots of fires, it's MUCH more difficult, expensive and dangerous to put them out.