Wildcats Spotted on Pine Island

Following the Music......

Last week Pine Island was honored with special guest Princeton University Wildcats. The Wildcats are a dynamic all-female a cappella group composed of confident, vibrant, and professional women who strive to redefine all-female a cappella. The Wildcats reflect the spirit of Princeton, and promote diversity and female empowerment.

The girls found their way on to Pine Island for what they say was an amazing experience, first stop was Olde Fish House Marina in Matlacha where they treated like stars, with fish house hospitality thank you Lisa Hulett Dence for all your community efforts and providing a generous meal for the Wildcats along their Musical journey.

After the meal it was snack time, and thankfully CW Fudge Factory was in walking distance, the Wildcats strolled over a small bridge humming a tune to find the magical candy coated world of CW Fudge Factory, where the Wildcats tuned up and presented a song, but it was more than a song, the room filled beautiful refreshing voices, sweet as candy and a true love for what they do, upon completing the song the CW Fudge Factory presented the Wildcats with a generous amount of sweets for the rest of their musical journey.

Next stop Monday Music hosted by The Brothers Van Kirk of Strange Arrangement®. Monday Music is a free interactive educational experience held Monday nights 6-7 pm at 5320 Doug Taylor cir 33956. Community members can explore music in a creative environment with positive instructors available to assist.

This is where the Princeton University Wildcats continued to show their strengths jumping right into the Monday Music experience and not missing a beat. These girls seamed to know instinctively the ways they could help and stepped right into the position needed. A wild cat here a wild cat their helping a student on piano, discussing fundamentals of music, assisting with vocals, the room was filled with free accessible knowledge, we were sharing our musical secrets and creating memories. The Wildcats decided to sing one more song and let a Monday Music students sing the main vocal part, .... how many people get to be backed by Princeton University Wildcats all-female a cappella vocal group, this was a special occasion, amazing would be an understatement we thank the Wildcats for following the music, taking time and extending their generosity to help others, the Wildcats are real and it was an honor to have them as a special guest on Pine Island and at Monday Music class.

The Brothers Van Kirk, Olde Fish house Marina, CW Fudge Factory and Monday Music thank Princeton University Wildcats for bringing the gift of music to our island.