Gator Killed On Pine Island Road

Sometime during the early morning of June 4th a car traveling on Pine Island road just west of Matlacha struck and killed an 8-foot alligator.   Whomever hit this gator had to know they hit something huge.   It appears the gator crawled to the side of the road where it died.   Cars were lined up along Pine Island road to see the reptile.   Deseree Flores and Amanda     Lavigne, residents of Pine Island said,  “We have never seen a gator this big.    It's not often you can stand this close to an 8 foot gator and then walk away with all your extremidies.”     During the months of May and June is the peak of alligator mating season, resulting in large gators moving between bodies of water in search of mates.    Their movement makes them more visible during these months.